Topspin Consumer Partners Helps Businesses Realize Their Growth Objectives

At Topspin Consumer Partners, we believe in the power of great consumer brands, and in the entrepreneurs and visionaries that develop them. We are focused on company-building, helping founders-owners and management teams to expand their growth potential by tapping into our vast network and consumer sector expertise. We act as strategic partners, addressing the unique challenges that smaller businesses face around infrastructure, cash flow, operational processes, human resources and more.

We provide strategic thinking, organizational expertise, strong industry networks and experience, and access to capital to support the continued growth of a company’s talent, operations and brand. In many cases, this entails avoiding high levels of leverage and instead reinvesting earnings in long-term growth initiatives or supporting strategic acquisitions.

Taking Consumer Brands to the Next Level with Operational and Industry Expertise

The Topspin Consumer Partners team has considerable operational and industry expertise, and a proven track record of successful investing in the consumer segment. We have a deep understanding of the strategic requirements needed to take a brand to the next level, from marketing, branding, and distribution, to sourcing, manufacturing and more. Through years of experience in consumer investing, we have also established key relationships with industry players who can lend their strategic guidance to help our portfolio companies grow.

Topspin Consumer Partners is actively seeking to invest in defensible and differentiated offerings in many consumer segments, including:

  • Health and wellness
  • Personal care / beauty
  • Household goods
  • Fitness
  • E-Commerce
  • Pet
  • Children’s products
  • Food and beverage
  • Digital media
  • Outdoor and leisure
  • Apparel and Accessories

Additionally, we look for brands competing in end markets that have a favorable growth outlook, low cyclicality and are not prone to fads.

“Topspin’s expertise and strategic guidance, together with the hard work of the JD Beauty employees and management team, laid the foundation for the rapid growth we are experiencing today.”

Jeff Davidson, CEO of JD Beauty (Wet Brush)